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Titre – L’intelligence Corporelle


Texte (en anglais)

How do we know what we know?


For all the knowledge we may imbibe through experiences of the world, when was the last time we checked in to understand the insides of ourselves? Listening to and observing the inner workings of our bodies; witnessing the magic of existence?


As without, so within.


Yet how often does the exhibition context encourage or even permit such action? Our bodies may be present, but predominantly as a gateway to the mind. We look to think; we listen to think; we watch to think; we touch to think.


In Yoruba epistemologies, human intelligence is thought of in a triad of equal weighting: pertaining to the spirit, the mind, and the body. How can modes of contemporary art therefore decenter our minds and offer space to cultivate other forms of intelligence?


Borrowing from the title of the 52nd Venice Biennale, curated by Robert Storr, here is an invitation to “think with the senses, feel with the mind”. Let us consider what it might mean to centre our bodies, as a guide for navigating through space and experiencing time.  


Indeed, if walking is a mode of transportation, why not consider how our bodies may want to move through the exhibition space? Taking stock of where we are individually and collectively in each present moment. Physically, geographically, emotionally, mentally, and in spirit.


And yet we are not alone in this space. So what might it mean for our bodies to share space?


You are invited to tune in.


With love, peace, and joy,

Tobi Onabolu  




Ifebusola Shotunde

Ugochukwu Emebriodo

Rafiy Okefolahan

Tobi Onabolu 

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